Refund and League Policies 

Registrations are final once submitted. No refunds will be given. (The only exception is in the event we are unable to run a league due to lack of registrations, in which case ZogSports will transfer registrants to a different league or issue a refund at the registrant's request.)  

We do not give refunds when things don’t go as planned. Please keep reading so you understand some of the things that may not go as planned. We have not listed every possibility, though these are the most common.  

If leagues are postponed or canceled for any reason before a league begins or after a league has already begun, ZogSports will, in its sole discretion, either make up the missed games at a later date or provide prorated credit to registrants based on the number of regular season games remaining less an administrative fee equal to 25% of the credited amount.  

Given the uncertainty associated with COVID-19 and related restrictions, ZogSports cannot guarantee that leagues will begin and/or continue as scheduled. Other public health emergencies, natural disasters, man-made disasters and the like could also disrupt our planned schedules.  

We plan our leagues around registrations and cannot accommodate changes. Registrations are final and non-refundable. Things like changes in our schedule or yours, relocating your residence or job, failure of a referee to appear, league postponements, facility changes and injury are not grounds for a refund. This is not an exhaustive list. 

ZogSports is not responsible for players on your team not showing up. We know it’s frustrating when you are short on players. Please refer to the league rules for your league for information on picking up players when your team is short. 

While we do our best to accommodate scheduling requests made during registration, we are unable to do so once we begin building the schedules. We are also unable to accommodate teammate/small group requests after teams are built or the league sells out. For example, if you register as a small group and some of your group is waitlisted, we cannot guarantee that the waitlisted players will be able to join the league or be on the same team as the rest of the group. We encourage small groups to register early to avoid being separated. 

We offer different levels of play for certain leagues. Players self-select their level of play, and ZogSports cannot guarantee that teams have accurately identified their level of play, as the process is subjective. Depending on the size of the league and registration volume, we may combine levels of play (e.g., we may put casual/intermediate or intermediate/competitive into a single group). 

Facility, staffing, weather and other issues sometimes prevent our leagues from proceeding as planned. Though we try our best to adhere to the league schedule, we cannot guarantee that leagues will start and occur on the dates and locations advertised. If a league is delayed or interrupted, we will do our best to make up all regular season games, though dates, times, locations and number of games played in a day may change.  

While we schedule referees for our leagues, referees sometimes are unable to work their assigned shifts. We will try to find, but cannot guarantee, a replacement referee. If no referee is present for a scheduled game, we will do our best to let you know in advance (provided we have sufficient notice). If the facility allows, we will let you know whether you can use the facility for a self-reffed game or open play. If play is allowed, we will count the session as a game, even if the score doesn’t count. 

We also cannot control whether teams forfeit. We discourage forfeits, but we cannot guarantee that your opponent will show up, will have enough players, will show up on time, etc.  

Please also note that we sometimes make mistakes. Behind this website are a group of humans who spend a lot of time on logistics so you don’t have to. We are not perfect. If we make a mistake, we will try to correct it.  

(Revised 10/17/2022)